I Love You, Little Giraffe


Baby giraffe has a lot of questions about growing up. Will she be as tall as the trees? Will she run as fast as her zebra friend? Will she ever jump as high as a kangaroo or frog? Will she learn to swim? Join her and her mom on their walk through the jungle and learn that no matter what baby giraffe can do, her mom will always love her. This fun, rhyming book comes with an attached squeaky giraffe button.

  • Features cute illustrations of giraffes, an elephant, zebra, kangaroo, frog, butterfly and fish
  • Encourages repeat reading with an interactive squishy giraffe character
  • Cover and inside pages are die cut so the baby giraffe character shows through the pages
  • Toddlers will enjoy hearing the squeaky sound of the giraffe character button
  • Short rhyming sentences will keep baby's attention
  • Add a new baby book to a child's library today!

            Written by Lila Mitzie and illustrated by Anna Jones.

             Book Details

            • Board Book with peek-through squeaky button
            • 14 Pages 
            • 5.75 inches x 7.5 inches
            • Ages Baby to 6
            • ISBN: 9781952592713
            • Retail Price: $9.99