Your Sensory Fidget Friend

Designed to captivate children with different sensory elements, kids can touch, crinkle, and pop as they read along.
Each book features a different pop-it character and touch-and-feel elements on the cover and each spread.

Meet The Gang

The Fidgimals™ collection promotes cognitive growth and provides sensory stimulation.

Fidgimals books are an absolute hit with my little one! The interactive elements like different textures and pop-it are a game-changer. My child is captivated and engaged from start to finish.

-Layla, Miami Beach FL

Fidgimals truly know how to ignite a child's imagination and keep them entertained for hours. Don't miss out on the sensory adventure that awaits your little one.

-Craig, Brooklyn NY

This sensory book is a real gem! The vibrant textures and interactive elements make it a captivating and educational adventure that keeps my child engaged and excited about reading.

-Jennifer, Scranton PA

A Book That You Can...


With the attached fidget pop-it head, children can pop while they read to help develop fine motor skills.


Crinkle elements on the spine stimulate both hearing and touch to create a dual sensory experience.


Textures on the cover and each spread help engage young readers and promote tactile learning.


Encourage imagination and reading comprehension with rhyming stories that teach life lessons.

Your Sensory Fidget Friend

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