Dino Loves Pizza


Dino’s friends like all types of foods. Chester is a pterodactyl and he loves cheeseburgers. Candace the brontosaurus loves sweets. Izzy the triceratops favors ice cream. Catey likes cupcakes. They each offer some to Dino, but he always says no. Nothing compares to his favorite...pizza! He may even open a pizzeria, he loves it that much. Follow along in this dinosaur tasting adventure and find out just how much Dino loves pizza in this fun, rhyming story with attached squeaky dinosaur-shaped button.

  • Features cute, colorful illustrations of different dinosaurs
  • Encourages repeat reading with an interactive squishy dino character
  • Cover and inside pages are die cut so the dinosaur character shows through the pages
  • Toddlers will enjoy hearing the squeaky sound of the dino character button
  • Short rhyming sentences will keep baby's attention
  • Add a new baby book to a child's library today!

              Written by Seth A.P. Miller and illustrated by Anna Jones.

               Book Details

              • Board Book with peek-through squeaky button
              • 14 Pages 
              • 5.75 inches x 7.5 inches
              • Ages Baby to 6
              • ISBN: 9781952592706
              • Retail Price: $9.99