Funny Bunnies Book Bundle

Funny Bunnies Book Bundle

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This interactive spring book bundle features some out of the ordinary bunnies. There is a joke-telling bunny, a day-after Easter Bunny and a dinosaur who thinks he's a bunny. These interactive tales feature various sensory elements and fun, rhyming stories that are great for filling baskets and creating smiles.

  • Funny Bunny - Bunny loves a good joke! Who doesn’t? Bunny especially loves telling jokes that have to do with his friends, like the elk, the bear cub, and even the pack of wolves. The other forest animals don’t find him all that funny… but Bunny tells these jokes anyway! Little ones will enjoy Bunny's silly "dad jokes," while exploring various touch-and-feel elements.
  • Thanks a Bunch - Another exciting Easter came and went, and the Easter Bunny made sure everyone had a blast. Now, it's the Easter Bunny's turn to feel special. Take a stroll with the Easter Bunny and see how the animals in the forest show their appreciation for the special Easter he gave them. This fun series features a squishy foam carrot-shaped insert affixed to the last page. Interactive fun promotes motor skills and keeps little ones engaged.
  • Bunnysaurus - This fun story will make little ones laugh as they meet Donny Dino, who is convinced he is the Easter Bunny. His dino friends have their doubts, but they love this bunnysaurus no matter what. Children will enjoy learning what makes this dinosaur think it's the Easter Bunny, while exploring various sensory touch-and-feel elements.

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