I Love You, Little One


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Past the moon and the last known star, a mother's love travels wide and far! This beautifully illustrated children's book showcases the love of a mother for her child.

  • Soft padded cover book; sturdy pages so it's a book that will hold up well
  • Ideal for Preschool story time; a simple rhyming story that will hold children's attention
  • A book with illustrations of a sweet mommy deer and baby fawn that has a classic story feel
  • Gentle, moonlit images make for a soothing bedtime reading
  • Add to a young reader's library, today!

      Written by Michelle Courtney and illustrated by Xenia Pavlova.

      Book Details

      • 7.25” x 7.25” Padded Board Book
      • 24 Pages
      • Recommended for ages: 1 - 5
      • ISBN: 9781952137303
      • Retail Price: $8.99